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With placenta, you can now truly reverse your age. Scientists are now able to extract not only stem cells from placenta but also over 8,000 different types of important peptide and growth factor which aid in the regeneration of all body organs.

You might have heard that the Chinese was the first to use placenta for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Modern medicine has begun using placenta and cell therapy, particularly in Europe. More than 60 years ago, a Russian-Ukrainian ophthalmologist named Professor Filatov discovered that tissues which undergo stress condition produce a substance called Biostimulin. He brought a frozen piece of placenta, the size of 0.1 inches in -40°C, and made an intraperitoneal implantation. The primary indication of this operation was primarily aesthetic purpose, to improve skin tone and elasticity. His subjects were French and Swedish women aged 35 and above, receiving multiple operations over the course of decades.


What is Placenta?

The placenta is a mammalian organ which connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall of the mother to allow nutrient uptake. The placenta is important for fetal development as well as providing immunity. The placenta contains various beneficial amino acids and stem cell stimulating factors which trigger stem cell to be active in repairing the body. Peptides in placenta are 8 times more potent in stimulating stem cells than others, supporting the regeneration of the body.

There is increasing evidence which supports the therapeutic and aesthetic use of placenta which contains stem cells and other components.

Stem cells extracted from the placenta have the capacity to regenerate degenerated organs. They are thus widely used for anti-aging purpose. Stem cells work coherently with other extracts from the placenta to stimulate hormone balancing, collagen and elastin synthesis, improving the skin tone and firmness, reducing wrinkles, ultimately reverse the biological age.

Placenta extract contains the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG, which is capable of stimulating muscle growth and fat metabolism.

Placenta extract stimulates hormonal balance in both male and female. It is thus used to treat menopause and gynecological conditions like PMS. It can also treat andropause, the menopause equivalence of male aged over 60, which is associated with mood swing, frustration, impotency, forgetfulness, insomnia, and muscle atrophy.
Cytokines, another substance that can be found in the placenta extract, are responsible for anti-inflammatory process of the body. It promotes blood circulation, revitalizing the body and regenerating the skin.
Stem cells and placenta extract modulate the immune system, hence it can be used to treat autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and immunodeficiency disorders including AIDS, tuberculosis, disorders from steroidal medication and radiation therapy. They can alleviate the adverse events of the mentioned disorders and boost the production of blood cells.

The placenta contains a high level of amino acids. Amino acids are essential building blocks of all tissues, are the precursors of neurotransmitters, strengthen the immune system, and are required for the detoxification process and virtually every metabolic process in the body. Placenta recipients therefore benefit from amino acids in many ways.
The secret of placenta has becoming more and more widely known. The Chinese was probably the first to use placenta for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Advanced in medical technology, particularly from the Swiss, has allowed us to discover newer products from it, including stem cells and various growth factors. These products are capable to stimulate a spontaneous fetal development during pregnancy, all though the placenta. Rigorous extraction of the placenta is able to separate specific growth factors that have a unique site of regeneration process. For example, neural cell growth factors are specific for the nervous system; hepatocyte growth factors are specific for the liver; epidermis enhancing factors are specific for the skin; insulin-like growth factors are stimulated by the growth hormone and are responsible for cell proliferation; immune enhancing factors support the immune system. In addition, the placenta contains stem cell stimulating factors which trigger stem cells from being inert to becoming active like ‘switching it on’. Peptides in placenta are 8 times more potent in stimulating stem cells than others, supporting the regeneration of the body.

There are a numerous number of manufacturers who produce placenta extract; only a few produce quality one. To increase the profit, several manufacturers reduce their cost by implementing the ‘cheap’ extraction technique which requires heat, a factor which strongly deactivates the potency of the extract. Some uses cold extraction while others provide crude un-extracted placenta for direct administration. The optimal method of delivery for the best efficacy is the specific extraction of stem cells and peptides from the placenta, containing over 8,000 different types of growth factors. The combination of these substances is synergistic and produces great efficacy in cellular regeneration, 100 folds greater than crude placenta administration.

Benefits of Placenta

Alleviate andropausal and menopausal symptoms
Balance the hormone level and immune system
Stimulate muscle growth and fat metabolism
Promote blood circulation and anti-inflammatory process
Improve skin tone and texture, reducing wrinkles
Regenerate and revitalize, restoring youthfulness

Expected Results of Placenta

In 2 months: restore vitality, reduce lethargy, improve skin tone
In 3 months: better sleep quality, revitalize, improve skin texture
In 4 months: much better sleep quality and freshness after waking up, improve digestive system, improve skin health
In 5 months: optimal sleep, regain strength, better sexual performance, reduce dark spot and wrinkle
In 6 months: better memory, better skin firmness and elasticity
In 7 months: better immune system, possibility in reducing tumor mass
In 8 months: improve the overall health