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A complete analysis of the body function with advanced medical technologies can help the physician in evaluating your health condition efficiently and effectively. The program comprises of Live Blood Analysis, Bio Body Scan with EIS, and Doctor Consultation.

In a healthy individual, the sample blood should contain round and equally distributed red blood cells. The blood fluid, or plasma, should appear clear, containing very few visible oil droplets or other residues. A number of white blood cells can be found in the blood sample. A sample with such characteristics can efficiently transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body through the circulatory system. However, if some abnormalities are detected, for instance, irregular shape and distribution, they can be signs of health risks.

1. Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is a very simple yet powerful health screening method using Dark Field Microscopy.  A very small sample of blood, which can be obtained from finger picking, contains live cells which can be examined through a computer monitor.  With an interpretation of an expert, live blood analysis can tell a numerous number of information about the subject, including the property of the red blood cell, residual body such as heavy metal like mercury.  Some of these predict disorders which do not present as a visible symptom.  Because the bloodstream supplies all of our cells with vital nutrients and substances at all time, a prediction of disorder is possible from its analysis.

Live Blood Analysis is a common tool of health screening in preventive medicine, since method is a real time analysis and can be used to indicate health risks of several organ systems, including the digestive system, liver function, immune system, deficiency vitamins and minerals, imbalance of hormone level, oxidative stress, immune function, and many more which are able to predict the probable cause of degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis and cancer.  With the right diagnosis, you can plan the optimal treatment for your health.

There are several advantages of Live Blood Analysis over conventional screening methods. First, the patients get to see their live blood sample at the same time as the analyst. The screening takes very little time, usually about 5 minutes, which is very convenient. The obtained result can be a preliminary baseline for the patient to know how to take care of their health for the prevention of potential disorder and thus the patient can achieve better quality of life.

2. Advanced Bio Body Scan with EIS

Bio Body Scan is another health screening method which assesses the level of abnormalities in each organ system. With Electro Interstitial Scanning technology (EIS) and its latest see-through operating system, Bio Body Scan can distinguish disorders of each main organ with speed and precision. The technology implements the principle of bioelectrical feedback using low current electricity to ensure safety and painlessness. Electrodes are attached to the body’s extremities to measure the electrical resistance of the interstitial fluid in each system. The changing in the level of fluid chemicals will altered the measured resistance and thus the imbalance can be detected. The computer uses only 3 minutes to scan the entire body and generate the result for an expert to interpret. The result is categorized according to each system, evaluating the risk level of each organ in developing disorders or cell degeneration ranking from lowest to highest risk level. The result is concluded as a comprehensive health report which aids the physician in planning the treatment for your health prevention plan, adjusting the organ condition for any subclinical disorder. This includes managing the diet and modifying the lifestyle to prevent any potential health threats.

Electro Interstitial Scanning technology (EIS) is a preliminary evaluation of the cell function of each organ. The result can provide provisional indication of possible pathology. These are signs which may or may not show as a visible symptom, since the abnormality may still be in its initial state. This makes Bio Body Scanning a useful tool in the prophylaxis of chronic diseases. The scan assesses the function of a total of 37 organs in the primary 9 body systems, including:

Cardiovascular system
Endocrine system
Genitourinary system
Neuromuscular system
Respiratory system
Digestive system
Nervous system
Immune system
General metabolism

A session of Bio Body Scanning covers all of the mentioned systems, which is economical since there is no need to scan each organ separately. There is no adverse event from the scan unlike other methods of investigation, for example, blood testing and cancer testing. The analysis is suitable for every health-concerned individual, helping you to evaluate the present health condition and the possible future health risk thoroughly.

Caution is needed for pregnant women and individuals with metal objects inside of their bodies, such as pacemaker.

3. Doctor Consultation

After finishing Live Blood Analysis and Bio Body Scanning, the last step in the BAAC Check Up Program is meeting with the physician, who will interpret the result of the tests and discuss the recommendations. The essence of this step is the time you should take in talking with the physician, who would be more than welcome to explain to you in detail about the possible causes of any detected abnormalities and ways to deal with them. With a thorough understanding of your own health, our program can provide you with plans to take care of your health, helping you to achieve the optimal physical and mental wellbeing.