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Who We Are

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center is an integrative medical center which fulfills the modern lifestyle of health-concerned individuals. We emphasize the implementation of holistic medicine, which focuses on investigating the root cause of the disease rather than merely treating the symptoms. Our treatment protocol prioritizes the simultaneous revitalization and rejuvenation of every organ system. This can be done through stimulation of repairing and reconstruction of our biomolecular building blocks in the cellular level. This holistic approach has been adopted for centuries and has been considerably reputable among celebrities in the global scale. It is widely accepted and endorsed by those who seek for medical innovations and novelties.

Our Philosophy

Early prevention is always better than late treatment. Health is a very sensitive matter. Without adequate and frequent checkup, small problem can lead to a much larger one, and some may be too late to treat. It is therefore imperative for everyone to start taking care of their health as early as possible. True happiness comes from good quality of life, which is the consequence of physical and mental well-being.

Our Vision

It is our priority to ensure that our operation meets the international standard, with continuous research and development to provide our customers with the latest optimal services.  Our staffs are well trained with sufficient body of knowledge, including the anti-aging science and treatment standard.  Our physicians, who are exclusively specialized and experienced in the field, are determined to take care of their patients with their devoted attention.  You can be assured to receive the most comfortable and relaxing treatment.  BAAC is and will always be an integrative health care center which serves health-concerned individuals, particularly those who seek for the latest medical innovation, including cell therapy.

Our Mission

BAAC promises to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones with consistent improvement, aiming to be the leader of integrative medical center in the regional and continental level. We sincerely hope for our opportunity to serve you with the greatest dedication, providing personalized treatments that are truly optimal for each person. We promise to never stop developing, seeking for the best medical technology that would ensure the everlasting quality of life for our customers.


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