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Bangkok Anti-Aging Center

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) is an integrative medical center which fulfills the modern lifestyle of health-concerned individuals. We emphasize the implementation of holistic medicine, which focuses on investigating the root cause of the disease rather than merely treating the symptoms.

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About Us

The medical counselors of Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) comprise of a team of specialists with great experience and skill in holistic medicine as well as multidisciplinary health care professionals.

Furthermore, the medical team of BAAC works in conjunction with Vita Longa Clinic, United States, bringing advanced medical technologies together, integrating them for a comprehensive medical treatment ranging from examination, diagnosis, risk analysis, therapeutics, prophylaxis, and regeneration.

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Our Advantages

Personalized Treatment
You will receive an individualized treatment to gain optimal health.
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic makes you feel relaxed and private like home.
Licensed Specialists
Your treatment will be performed by only licensed specialists.
Practitioners Network
We will work with the best technologies and partners.
Experience Staff
Our professionals are trained and certified.
Free Consultation
Get a free body scan and consultation at our center.

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